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Killer Pussy was formed in the spring of 1980 by eighteen-year-old Lucy LaMode and her friend Les à Go-Go, who was 24. Both were previously lead vocalists for The Roll-Ons, a short-lived Phoenix punk band. For musicians, they asked Leslie’s boyfriend, bassist Dash Assault, to join the group, along with drummer John E. Precious, who was already well-known as a member of local bands The Feederz, Consumers and Precious Secrets. Versatile guitarist and songwriter Gary Russell completed the lineup.

Inspired by the punk rock scene, which was exploding both locally and internationally at the time, all five founding members of KP started writing original songs with a satirical edge. In the fall of 1980, The Killer Pussies originally so called because there were two female vocalists debuted in Tempe, Arizona at a bar called Star Systems.

Dash Assault had come up with the bands provocative name in a moment of inspiration when Les pet cat attacked him (no lie!). But after only a few shows, Les à Go-Go dropped out of the group to marry Dash and start a family. So, with Lucy remaining as solo lead vocalist, the name went from Killer Pussies to Killer Pussy.

Robert X. Planet joined the band as composer and keyboard player in the fall of 1981. Later members include Dale B. Sari, who replaced Dash on bass in 1982, and Vanya Hautimacki, who took over on drums after John E. Precious fell ill and passed away in September of 1983. Percussionist/saxophonist/vocalist Ricardo Aguilar joined Killer Pussy in 1984.

Former Steppenwolf synth player Evan Smith and legendary Austin fiddle diva Darcie Deaville have also performed with KP. Since Killer Pussys 2014 reunion, HÜRSEPOWER guitarist Fred Robinson and former Urge frontman, bassist Glen DeJongh, have stood in for the now-retired Gary and Dale.

Our first recording, Teenage Enema Nurses in Bondage, was a 33 RPM EP (Extended Play) vinyl disc featuring four songs, released on our own Sho-Pink Records label in May, 1982.  Somehow, noted deejay Freddie Snakeskin at influential LA radio station KROQ got hold of a copy and started playing the title song in heavy rotation. It ultimately reached the #2 chart position on their playlist in August of 1982!

To follow up this success, KP went on to release Bikini Wax, a full length, 33 RPM LP, in August of 1983. The first 5,000 pressings of this 12 vinyl album featured deluxe, full-color packaging with an enclosed lyrics sheet and a reusable plastic slip cover; it is now an extremely rare collectors item.  1984 saw the release of the Moist Towelette/Boys! 2-song 45 RPM single.

Later, in 1993, the original, four-song TENiB EP was licensed for release on CD by Oglio Records, and was so successful that it was followed in 1994 by a specially expanded CD edition of Bikini Wax that featured six bonus tracks, collecting all of the previous recordings onto a single disc. This CD was re-released in 2014 to mark its twentieth anniversary.