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Lucy LaMode of Killer Pussy Band

Lucy LaMode

Lucy was born in Phoenix in 1961. She is first-generation American and 100% Italian. Her passion in high school was theater and dance, but thats also where she first heard about a new thing called Punk Rock. When she graduated in May of 1979 at age 17 she was already involved in the local scene, hanging out at the Hate House and loitering in the Detox Lounge, a membership-only private club located in its basement.

Lucy performed in Killer Pussy from 1980 through 1992, and after hanging up her microphone she returned to her first love, the theater. She performed extensively in Phoenix, and also appeared in New York, where she starred in Wrath of Kali an off-Broadway play that mentioned Killer Pussy written by Leslie Mohn and directed by famed dramatist Lee Breuer, the multiple-Obie-winning founder of Mabou Mines theater company.

Lucy currently resides in Austin, Texas and has two sons and a poodle named Eggnog.

Robert X. Planet of Killer Pussy Band

Robert X. Planet

Robert was born in Alliance, Ohio but has lived in Arizona since the age of two. He was inspired to play the accordionat the age of seven after watching The Lawrence Welk Show.

Robert composed the music for “Teenage Enema Nurses in Bondage” for Killer Pussy in 1981 and joined the band soon after. His other contributions include that song’s lyrics (with Lucy, and Rick Hendel); music and lyrics for “Bikini Wax” and “Moist Towelette”; and the third verse of lyrics for the Gary Russell song “Pocket Pool.”

Best known locally as the former drama critic and Thrills Editor emeritus at Phoenix New Times, he has always been very active in community theatre, and is an award-winning set and costume designer, actor and director.

Currently, Robert serves on the boards of directors of iTheatre Collaborative, and of Alwun House Foundation. In 2012, he spearheaded the Alwun House Centennial Renovation Project, which undertook the refurbishment of that historic arts organization’s then 100-year-old territorial-style structure.

As founding director of the reader’s theatre ensemble Planet Poe, Robert has been adapting and performing the works of Edgar Allan Poe in various public venues since 2000.

He presently lives in Scottsdale, and works with Lucy to preserve and promote Killer Pussy’s music for the ages.

Dash Assault of Killer Pussy BandGary Russell of Killer Pussy BandJohn E. Precious of Killer Pussy Band

John E. Precious, Gary Russell and Dash Assault

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