• Killer Pussy Bikini Wax CD Remastered CD release of KP’s original 1983 LP; features all the naughty new wave hits that cemented their legacy and became staples of their outrageous live show. 1. Bikini Wax (Vocal) 2. Boys* 3. Pocket Pool 4. Dildo Desire 5. Pepperoni Ice Cream 6. Tomahawks* 7. Dial-A-Teen* 8. Rockabilly Earwig 9. Toad Hop 10. Moist Towelette* 11. Herpes 12. Pump-Rama* 13. Teenage Enema Nurses in Bondage* 14. Bikini Wax Walk *Special Bonus Track
  • Lucy LaMode and Planex X Research Laboratories are pleased to present 5 nasty tracks from the original KP live set that were far too dirty to make it onto the "Bikini Wax" album. Enjoy Bitches!
  • This is it… the recording that launched the legend. Original 80’s vinyl pressing & packaging from a recently discovered, limited quantity, NOS stash. 4 songs on 7”, including their breakout hit. Side One: 1. Tomahawks 2. Dial-A-Ten Side Two: 1. Pump-Rama 2. Teenage Enema Nurses in Bondage Killer Pussy is: Lucy La Mode... lead vocals, lingerie Gary Russell... guitar, vocals, quips John E. Precious... drums, vocals, bench press Dash Assault... bass, macho ambiance Robert X. Planet... keys, percussion, visual aids Produced by Killer Pussy and Bruce Liddil / All music arranged by Gary Russell and John E. Precious / Presented by Planet X. Research Laboratories, Phoenix / Executive Producers: Robert W. Severance & Richard J. Hendel Sho-Pink Records / 33 rpm
  • Extremely rare limited edition poster commemorating Killer Pussy’s final show ever… 13 x 19” full color rendition of Lucy LaMode showing Michael Jackson how it’s done. Limited to only 30 pieces in the whole world; each numbered and initialed by the artist.
  • Extremely limited quantities left of this 13 x 19” full color poster commemorating the historic 2014 Alwun House Reunion gig which was shut down by the Phoenix police.


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